Baby & Toddler Reflexology

Baby & Toddler Reflexology

What is Baby Reflex?

Baby reflex is specially adapted reflexology for babies & toddlers. The techniques originally were developed for bonding and over the years have helped ease, relieve and eliminate many baby discomforts which have proved very popular and successful with parents. 

What is the aim of Baby Reflex?

It's aim is to train parents in specially adapted reflexology techniques to use on their own children. These techniques are simple to learn and easy to adapt to the daily situation and your child's needs.

Without a doubt babies love to be touched and this fabulous treatment helps parents to bond and nurture their babies.

This gentle and non-invasive treatment can be used on children from birth to 2 years.

What are the benefits?

Baby reflex can have excellent results in helping calm baby or toddler and to assist them in developing their natural rhythm and to boost their immune system. This in turn helps to establish good daily routines and most importantly sleep patterns. A must for baby and parents alike!

Baby Reflex can ......

be safely given in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.
help to relieve wind, colic and constipation.
ease teething pain and reduce sinus congestion.                                   provide a safe, non invasive, drug free, natural alternative.

.............leading to a happier more relaxed baby or toddler

What happens during a Baby reflex session?

The aim of both baby and toddler reflex is to empower parents. 

Baby Reflex Training

This training course is taught in over 3 consecutive weeks with sessions lasting approximately one hour each and they will be divided into 3 topics:
                        sleep and comforting
                        feeding and digestion

This can be carried out in a group (friends, mother and baby groups, NCT) or on a one-one basis.

You will be taught the techniques and given the opportunity to practise 'mum to mum' during the session. At the end of the session, when you are feeling more confident, you will be able to carry out the same techniques on your baby. 

'Mums' will learn the technique in the first session and be able to go home to 'work' on their own baby. Sessions 2 and 3 will be a refresher, plus learning some more techniques. 

Baby Toddler Reflex Training

This course is taught over 2 consecutive weeks with sessions lasting approximately 1 hour each. With an option for a further session three weeks after completion.

This training is themed with nursery rhymes for simplicity and to assist in the relaxation and fun for both toddler and parent alike.


However, if the training is not for you and you want your child to have the benefit of this treatment I can treat your baby or toddler with written consent from yourself and with you in attendance.

Call me for details or to discuss an individual session  07845 099385

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