Crystal Therapy

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What is crystal Therapy?

Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different. The aim of this therapy is to restore wholeness, balance and health on levels of emotions, mind, spirit as well as the physical body. This is why crystal healing is considered complementary to traditional medicine and not an alternative. Crystal Healing often involves some form of change in an individuals overall way of being. It may be through a relief of stress and tensions, through revitalisation, relaxation or establishing a greater amount of peace and harmony. Crystal Healing is helpful in complementing most forms of traditional medical practice. Apart from promoting 'wellness' and helping to prevent physical illness, it may be of use in the following circumstances:

  • Stress related conditions
  • States of anxiety
  • Pre-operative care
  • Post-operative healing
  • Palliative care of the terminally ill
  • Activate and support the natural self-healing processes within the individual client
  • Support the recovery of existing symptoms.

How does Crystal Healing work?

Crystal Healers are not permitted or trained to diagnose physical ailments. They do however assess the condition of the bio-magnetic field of a client before choosing appropriate crystals to help bring it back into balance and harmony. Since the state of the bio-magnetic field relates to and influences the state of the physical body, this process will help activate, support and often accelerate the natural self-healing processes. It may be of interest to note that this field, also known as the electro magnetic field or aura, has been discussed and contemplated within the realm of healing and philosophy for thousands of years. It is only fairly recently that science has proven that it must exist around every physical body and organism, thereby helping, amongst other, to validate crystal healing.
(a quote taken from the NHS Complementary Therapy register).

The essence of Crystal Healing is to assist the body to bring itself back into balance/natural rhythm.
It is a very powerful technique that harnesses the unique healing potential of crystals and gem stones to bring about balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Different combinations of crystals provide the energy to heal on a physical, emotional and mental level. Each crystal holds a frequency or vibration that can be scientifically measured and helps
to restore the natural balance of the body.

What to expect from your treatment

At your first consultation I will take your personal details, the name of your GP or specialist and have a brief chat concerning your reasons for seeking this therapy. I will then make you comfortable on a massage couch, in and the treatment will begin. A number of small crystals will be placed on or around you and the chakra’s will be bought into balance. You may experience a feeling of deep relaxation, sometimes a little warmth or coolness during the session. Most treatments take approximately one hour.
This treatment includes a crystal lay out, aura cleanse and chakra balancing

Your Investment

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