Gift Vouchers

Why not treat a friend or loved one to a relaxing Reflexology treatment? Or perhaps a soothing Thai foot massage, or an Indian Head Massage or any of the Complementary Therapies that Sally practices?

When you purchase a Gift Voucher, you are undoubtedly pampering a loved one, giving them something “individual” and “beneficial” with the added bonus that they get to choose how they wish to be pampered. And as for the price, that's up to you. You can spend as little as you like. You can either book a therapy or contribute towards one. Gift vouchers really are meant to be a highly flexible gift.

To order simply contact me


If it's for a special occasion or if there's something you need me to know, such as a specific date, there's a comments section make a note of it there and I'll do my best to help.

Example: "Birthday present for Mrs Scott. To arrive on the 8th. Send to the following address..."