(Latin for Homeopathy)


Homoeopathy Simply Explained

Homoeopathy was developed from the Greek Homoios (same) and Pathos (suffering) over 200 years ago by a German Dr Samuel Hahnemann when he rejected severe medical practices.
Homoeopathy helps to stimulate the natural capacity of the body to heal itself.

Homoeopaths recognise that all symptoms of illness are an expression of the activity of the body trying to heal itself and that helping the patient’s own healing energies enables cure to take place. It is often the patient that needs the treatment rather than simply the named disease.

Therefore a qualified Homoeopath will treat the WHOLE person, the Physical, Mental and Emotional picture, and considers all of these mental, emotional and physical symptoms to be linked and therefore treat them as a whole.

The homoeopathic way is to help patients by using a minute dose of a substance, as a treatment, that is capable of creating the same symptoms in a healthy person, when given in larger doses. Such small doses, when accurately prescribed, enable a patient to recover naturally, and because of the infrequent and minute doses, thus avoiding side effects or addictions.

How it Works

Homoeopathic remedies work by stimulating the healing power of the body.
When the body’s own healing process is faulty, blocked or slow, then the homoeopathic prescription acts as a stimulus to the natural healing powers, facilitating change to occur. In order to provide the correct stimulus the homoeopath must prescribe the correct remedy, potency and dosage, and if this is done then homoeopathy is able to help most patients and their symptoms.

The remedies are derived from a variety of natural substances and repeatedly diluted in a specific way until the crude substance is refined to a highly dynamic state. There are no side-effects; remedies are not addictive or toxic.

You will be given a remedy in a potency which matches your individual energetic state. You can buy remedies from good health food stores at 6 or 30c, however I have a much wider range of potencies which I  can use 6c, 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m, 50m which are sourced from Homoeopathic pharmacies in the UK.