9 Reasons to use Homoeopathy

No Harmful Side Effects

A special preparation process called potentisation refines the medicines to remove any toxic effects.


Suitable for babies and octogenarians alike and during pregnancy and menopause.
Special care must be taken with any medication during pregnancy. You should make sure that your homoeopath is aware that you are pregnant or that there may be a chance of you being pregnant.


Work by stimulating the body's own natural defence mechanism.

Easy to Take

Remedies are given either as small pleasant tasting tablets which dissolve in the mouth, or in liquid form.
Granules, powders or drops are available for babies and children.

Invaluable First Aid

A small box of remedies and simple instruction manual will deal with most routine problems - such as bruises,burns, sprains, insect bites and gastric upsets - in the home or workplace.

Not Tested on Animals

All remedies are tested on healthy humans. The symptoms that a remedy causes in a healthy person, are exactly those that can be cured in a person who is unwell and suffering from those symptoms.

Value for Money

The average consultation fee for a homoeopath is considerably less than private conventional medicine, and a homeopathic remedy costs less than the current NHS prescription

Preventative Treatment

By boosting the body's own defence system, homoeopathy can help heighten resistance to colds, flu and other recurring infections.

Patient Involvement

The homeopath considers the whole person and will ask not only about the symptoms which are bothering an individual, but how they react to the condition, as well as wanting to know about general health and lifestyle.