and Men's Health

Everyone today generally leads much more stressful lives than in the past, however men are much less careful about looking after their health than women. For instance, men have fewer health checks, visit their GP less often and when they do go it is often because they have been persuaded to! This does mean the condition may have become serious by the time they seek help. Alcohol and substance abuse is five times higher in men than women and men are four times more likely to die from liver cancer.

So it is so very important that men find an avenue they feel comfortable to pursue. Homoeopathy could well be that suitable avenue as the whole process is confidential, relaxed and none judgemental.

Several of my male clients have really benefited from this environment and find themselves really discussing "themselves" for the first time in their lives.




Scientific Studies Prove that Homeopathy is Effective for Treatment of Cardiac Issues, Infertility, Prostate Cancer 

Schroder D, Weiser M, Klein P. “Efficacy of a Homeopathic Crataegus preparation compared with usual therapy for Mild Cardiac Insufficiency: Results of an Observational Cohort Study.” European Journal of Heart Failure, 2003, June, 5, 3, 319-26.

In a non-randomised cohort study, 212 people suffering from mild cardiac insufficiency were given Cralonin, a homoeopathic combination product, or a combination of an ACE inhibitor and diuretic (a combination medical therapy normally prescribed for this condition). Both products were similarly effective in controlling the condition

Scientific Studies Prove the Effectiveness of Homeopathy for Controlling High Blood Pressure, Tachycardia, and Mild Cardiac Insufficiency



Gerhard I, Wallis E. “Individualised Homeopathic Therapy for Male Infertility,” Homeopathy, 2002, 91, 133-144.

An observational pilot study investigated the effect of individualised homeopathic therapy for 45 sub-fertile males, with specific reference to sperm count and quality, hormone levels and the general level of health. Sperm count and sperm motility were improved by homeopathy and the improvement was comparable with conventional treatment 

 MacLaughlin BW, Gutsmuths B, Pretner E, et al. “Effects of homeopathic preparations on human prostate cancer growth in cellular and animal models.”Integr Cancer Ther. 2006 Dec;5(4):362-72.

To confirm the effectiveness of the homeopathic treatment of prostate cancer, the researchers in this trial assessed the effects of the homeopathic medicines Sabal serrulata, Conium maculatum and Thuja occidentalis against PC-3 and DU-145 human prostate cancer cell cultures and against the growth of prostate tumors in mice. Sabal reduced the proliferation of the PC-3 cell line by 33% in 72 hours and the DU-145 cell line by 23% in 24 hours. Compared to controls, Sabal also had a statistically significant effect on the tumors suffered by mice. The homeopathic medicines Conium maculatum and Thuja occidentalis showed no beneficial effect on the proliferation of the cell lines or tumors observed in this study.