The Consultation

Pre – Consultation

After our initial contact and with your appointment booked, you will ask you to complete the following;

  1. Medical Questionnaire
  2. Milestones in Life

This will allow the consultation to hone in on the most appropriate areas of your life.

The Initial Consultation

Homoeopathy considers the whole person and not just a named illness or disease. So, as well as discussing your symptoms it is important that I have a clear picture of you, what makes you tick, how you are as a person; how you react to certain situations, your lifestyle and medical history.
An initial consultation tends to last up to 1 ½ hours very much depending on the complexity of your case.
At the end of the consultation, I will spend some time analysing your case and choosing the most appropriate remedy prescription for you from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. This is called constitutional prescribing.

The Follow – Up Consultation

The follow-up consultation will normally be 4 weeks after the initial consultation and will last for up to 1 hour. This is an important session and is essential in order that your reactions to the remedy can be assessed and next steps and further prescriptions can be agreed.

Consultations Required

The number of consultations you require will depend upon the severity of the illness and the length of time which has elapsed since your medical diagnosis was made. As a rule of thumb for every year of your illness you are likely to need a consultation.

However, what you can be clear about is I will not see you for the sake of seeing you, and after our initial few meetings I tend to extend the time between appointments.