Your Investment

Homoeopathy rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Initial Consultation up to 1 ½ hours


Follow- Up Consultations up to 1 hour £50
  pro rata charging in place for appointments over these times  
Childbirth discussion/instruction and loan of Childbirth remedy kit up to 1 hour


Repeat Prescriptions (each remedy) outside of consultation £10
Specialist remedies up to dependent on pharmacy charge £15
Telephone Conversations up to 10 minutes and single prescription £20
Telephone Appointments Are available by prior arrangement  
Home visits available by special arrangement fee dependent on distance  
Cancellation Policy I respectfully ask for a minimum of 24hrs notice if you are unable to make your agreed appointment
- a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged for cancellation on the day
Coaching Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Coaching Sessions

Dependant on individual needs

Please call to discuss

Dependant on design
Neuro Linguistic Programming Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
NLP Coaching Session 1 hour £50
Timeline Therapy 1 hour £50
NLP and Timeline Therapy 1 1/2 hour £75
Hypnosis and Visualisaton or Meditation 1 hour £50
Stress & Anxiety Management 1 hour £50
Combination NLP, Timeline and Hypnosis 2 hour £95
  Generally individuals may need a minimum of 3 sessions  
Book and Pay for 3 1 hour sessions   £140
Maternity Reflexology Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Maternity Reflexology Treatment includes; Initial consultation and Reflexology Treatment,with Endocrine Balance, Lymphatic Drainage and Foot Massage 1 hour 25 mins £55
Maternity Reflexology Treatment follow on treatment 1 hour £40
Endocrine Balance and Foot Massage 25 minutes £24
Endocrine Balance & Lymphatic Drainage and Foot Massage 35 minutes £30  
Baby Reflex Rates
 Baby reflex Training                  
3 x 1 hour 1 to 1 sessions
3 x 1 hour
Couple or 2 individuals
(charge per person)
(Host a group session in your home and receive a reflexology
3 x 1 hour
Groups of 4 individuals (charge per person
Reflexology Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Reflexology Treatment 45 mins £35
Children's Reflexology (over 2 years) 20 mins £20
Reiki Treatment Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Reiki treatment 50 mins £35
Reiki for children 25 mins £20
Crystal Therapy Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Crystal Therapy 50 mins £35
Crystal Chakra Balance 30 mins £22
Indian Champissage Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Indian Champissage 45 mins £35
Indian champissage 25 mins £28
Thermo Auricular Therapy (Hopi ear candles) Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Hopi Ear candle treatment 30 mins £28
Hopi Ear candle treatment (extended massage face & head) 45 mins £35
Children’s treatment 20 mins £20
Thai Foot Massage Rates
Treatment Duration GBP
Thai Foot Massage (including a short hand massage) 45 mins £35
Thai Foot Massage 35 mins £30
Thai Acupressure Face Massage Rates
Duration GBP
Thai Acupressure Face Massage (includes a short head and                                                             arm massage) 45 mins £35
Thai Acupressure Face Massage 35 mins £30
Therapeutic Massage
Treatment Duration GBP
Full Body Bliss 90 mins £60
Full Body Massage 55 mins £45
Back, Neck, Shoulder, Face and scalp massage  45 mins £35
Back, Neck, & Shoulder massage   25 mins £30

Please note:

All treatment times are approximate and include consultations time

How to pay

I accept cash and cheques made payable to “Whole U Ltd ” on the day of appointment   


All fees are subject to an annual review- next review September 2018