Reiki Share

Regular monthly Reiki share groups are being held for continued support. These groups are open to Reiki practitioners of all schools and levels. They run on a wednesday evening 6 – 8pm.

The two hours will be an opportunity for you to share your experiences with Reiki, to exchange ideas, to ask and answer questions, to give and receive advice, to discuss aspects of running a Reiki practice, explore new techniques and to give Reiki to each other in a group healing session.

For those of you who practice Reiki professionally, these practice groups count as valid supervision and teacher contact time. Signed attendance certificates are available on request.

Places are limited. Please fill out our enquiry form or call me on 07845 099385 for availability.

The practice groups are non-profit events, but when attending, you will be asked for a £5 contribution towards room rental.

Lichfield 2011

Dates to be confirmed