Testimonials and Feedback


"After years of suffering with eczema and trying every cream and skin product under the sun, I finally made the decision last year to try the homoeopathic approach and booked myself in to see Sally. I'd got to the end of my tether and was willing to give anything a try. I had no idea the treatment would work as well or as quickly as it did. It was quite remarkable. Over the period of six months my skin changed from being painfully sore and itchy to 'normal', it was amazing. There's a noticeable difference not only to me but others have made comments on how good i look and how much better my skin is. It's great, it's changed the way i feel and has given me a new found confidence knowing i can wear short sleeve tops and short skirts without being embarrassed of my eczema patches, thanks to Sally & her treatment". LR Lichfield

"I had a long-standing problem with blocked sinuses – worse after cold infections but liable to occur at any time.  The symptoms caused physical discomfort and sometimes I would get cold sores as well, which made me feel gloomy (or cross!) and unclean.  My initial consultation with Sally revealed how my symptoms were linked to personality traits and emotions that I had not previously addressed.  Sally helped me to understand why these symptoms were recurring and the homeopathic remedy she prescribed was spot on.  As well as healing the physical ailments, the remedy has lifted my spirits and restored that previously elusive, sense of well-being." Mrs S D Lichfield


"Just a quick note to say a big Thank you for looking after me over the last few years. I have enjoyed the sessions, found them very relaxing (hence the sleeping most of the times) and hopefully helped my health." C Worcester

"I am not a foot person. I don't particularly like feet and certainly don't like mine being messed around with. So why would I recommend it? Well, having already tried many other 'alternative' therapies, with varying degrees of success, I was intrigued by the theory and felt it could be beneficial to my neck, back and arm problems that were preventing me from work and causing me considerable discomfort.

Sally, was surprisingly understanding to my stance on feet! She actually understood that not everyone likes feet. Not only that, her own fascination of them seemed compelling and she explained the theory and treatment clearly. Sally's confident and sensitive touch meant that by the end of the first session, around an hour, I was genuinely surprised how relaxed I felt. This was not how I'd imagined it, not at all uncomfortable or invasive.

During my course of treatment I felt more and more relaxed and not only felt the benefits where I was supposed to feel them, but in other places as well. It was so relaxing that I just didn't want my last treatment to end. When it did, however, I was so refreshed it was like I'd had eight hours of top quality sleep, with loads of stress relieved from my neck and back.

So, reflexology rocks. Well, it works for me - even though I'm still not that hot on feet!".   Mr S F Worcester


"Many thanks for giving me a better quality of life"  AH Worcester


"I have been offered the job which I applied for and have accepted the offer. I feel that a great weight has been taken from my shoulders and that it is right for me at this time.
         Thank you for helping me crystalise my thoughts". Mrs S A Worcester